Opaque Glass Beads

Glass beads have been made for centuries throughout Africa.  Using a technique that has been handed down from generation to generation, our makers begin by compressing glass into a dry grain, and heating the grain so that the pieces form together. The recycled glass is rushed into a porcelain cast. The stem of a cassava leaf is used to make the hole.  The beads are baked in a furnace causing the glass to melt together and cassava stem to burn, leaving only the grainy textured "sand glass" bead behind.  

COLOR:  Opaque/Light Green
MADE OF:  Glass, sand / silica 
MADE IN:  Ghana


Large: 1.5" diameter (beads) x 15"L (strand of beads)

Small:  0.75" diameter (beads) x 13"L (strand of beads)

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