Update Your Home for Summer 2021

March 22, 2021

Update Your Home for Summer 2021

Article Featured in NMag, Author: Emme Duncan

In the world of interior design, things are ever-evolving and sometimes it can feel as though the styles have changed before your paint has even dried. From “it” colors to the newest trend in materials, it can be exhausting (and expensive!) just keeping up. That’s why Stephanie Sproule, Nantucket interior decorator and proprietress of local home decor and accessories boutique Bodega, believes in staying true to your own style while updating with easy pieces for that fresh look you may be craving. We spoke with Sproule to get her top five tips for updating your home in 2016.


antique white paint finish12

Nothing freshens up a space like a coat of paint. I like the timeless blank slate of white walls… but who knew there were so many shades and options? Whiteness is a huge topic of discussion among decorators and everyone will have an opinion on the best white. The key is to remember that they can read differently in every space, so just put up a few samples and beware of the yellowy-cream color that seems to have been quite popular in years past.

My go-to whites are:

  • Super White (Benjamin Moore OC-152), a no-fail, versatile bright white.
  • Decorators White (Benjamin Moore OC-149), a clean white that is great for woodwork. It’s a true white that is both warm and modern and has just a little touch of grey in it.
  • White (Benjamin Moore OC-151), a crisp white that is on the softer side and contains no hints of yellow. Bonus: it’s stocked on the shelves at Marine Home Center!



Chair, pillows and throw available at Bodega

Changing out your pillows is an easy update that can make a huge difference. Most people tend to have neutral furniture, so feel free to have some fun with your pillows! Add a pop of color, or keep it serene with an interesting neutral pattern. There is no wrong way to go here, it’s all what you like and what you want to look at every day. You can mix sizes and patterns for a little funk, or stay the traditional route with two corner pillows. Or maybe you position them straight and centered on the sofa instead of the typical corner slant.

Pillow tips:

  • Update your tired blue and white scheme with a more current blue and white palette.
  • Re-evaluate the scale of your pillows… 18″ pillows can look tiny and uneventful.
  • Add one fun decorative pillow to your bed. You don’t need a whole bed of pillows to throw on the floor every night… a little quirk goes a long way!


I M P A C T  A R T

Image of "Fracture" artwork with abstract, asymetrical blue and white pattern
“Fracture” artwork available at Bodega

Now that you have a fresh coat of white on your walls, add an oversized piece of art. One large piece can make quite an impact on a space, and forget the idea that you need a large room to house a large piece of art! It could be a Nantucket landscape or an abstract print, whatever fits with your style. Art is so subjective so I prefer to carry Giclees at Bodega. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment to completely transform the space.

Artwork tips:

  • I like the juxtaposition of an abstract piece hung over a traditional piece of furniture or vice versa.
  • Make it your own! Blow up one of your own photos and you’ll be reminded of that special place or moment every time you see it. There are endless shape, size and surface combinations to choose from… perhaps print on an aluminum surface for an extra twist.



Plants, plateware and artwork available at Bodega

Nothing cheers me up or makes me feel calmer than a beautiful plant. They instantly liven up a space and add a little dash of color and texture.

Get your greenery:

  • Go outside! We are surrounded by beauty… wildflowers, branches, grass, driftwood… and it’s all right there at your disposal.
  • Succulents add incredible texture and are so easy to care for. Plant them in your favorite pot and put them in your home entryway or place them in a tiny ceramic bowl and use as a centerpiece at your next dinner party. Bartlett’s Farm has the cutest little succulents that I like to add to my random mini planters. Any container with proper drainage will be beautiful!
  • I’m really into cactus plants right now. They are easy to plant (just watch your fingers!) and look great alone in graphic pots or clustered together.


A D D  A  L I T T L E  “M O D E R N”

Chair, side table and pillows available at Bodega

The term “modern” can be a little confusing, and one’s interpretation of Modern vs. Contemporary can be very different. Whatever you label it — whether it be inspired from mid-century design or in reference to whatever is current in the moment — do what you like. I prefer a warm modern with organic elements. Think bamboo and rattan paired with mid-century modern lamps or artwork. But don’t completely disregard antique! A mix can be much more interesting, and don’t forget, we are on Nantucket.